“Il Futuro della Sanità”, repeated periodically since 2007, aims to create a unique chance for comparison on topics related to the medical field. The meetings of “il Futuro della Sanità” represent a regular event in the medical and biomedical innovation field and their purpose is understanding and addressing the evolution of the Health System in Italy, discussing and analyzing significant case studies and considering new national and international projects.

In the last years, hundreds of surgeons and clinicians from all over Europe and overseas, opinion leaders in the scientific and academic field, entrepreneurs and journalists, have attended the event. The interest and enthusiasm shown during all the editions encourages us to keep organizing the meeting every year in order to create a time-sharing during your experience can contribute greatly to the growth of all participants.

16° Edition | November 18, 2019
On the innovation frequency

15° Edition | November 22, 2018
RI-Sintonizzati sull’innovazione

16° Edizione Il futuro della sanità

14° Edition |  November 20, 2017
Sintonizzati sull’innovazione

13° Edition | November 21, 2016
Robot in cerca d’autore