Sharing Research & Crossing Development

11° Edition | June 25, 2014 – event organized by: ab medica
16° Edizione Il futuro della sanità

Speakers & Topics:

Aldo Cerruti

President of ab medica

Sean Hill

Internationally acclaimed neuroscientist, he is the co-Director of the “Human Brain Project”, the extensive European research project which has the decidedly ambitious objective of creating a complete simulation of all the activities of the human brain. In his speech “The Human Brain Project: building the brain from Big Data” he will explain how the overcoming of territorial and disciplinary boundaries represents a winning approach for research.

Babak Kateb

World renowned neurosurgeon, he is the founder of the American “Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics”, established in 2004 with the precise objective of promoting an interdisciplinary approach in research and the elimination of barriers that impede the application of new technologies in medicine. The ultimate goal is to improve diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with neurological diseases.

Gianluigi Zanovello

Pilot and former commander of the Frecce Tricolori (Italian Air Force aerobatic team), decorated with the medal of honor “Knight of the Republic of Italy”, in his speech entitled “Risk Management: in an operating room as on board a jet”, he will illustrate how the instruments used for risk management in the aviation sector can be adapted to the healthcare field and contribute to reducing the possibility of human error and consequently increasing the safety of the patient.

Giulio Caperdoni

As the Head of Innovation of Vidiemme Consulting, a reference point in Italy in the area of developing solutions connected with the IT sector. With his presentation “Google Glass: touching the future with a touchless technology”, he will highlight the potential of this innovative device that has become apparent in some recent experimental projects in the medical field.

Franco Molteni

An eclectic personality who has always taken care to grasp the opportunities offered by new technologies, he is the director of the Rehabilitative Medicine Centre “Villa Beretta”. With his talk entitled “Serious Games for Serious Problems” he will explain the use of virtual reality for purposes related to neurorehabilitation.


The meeting will be moderated by Maurizio Melis, science journalist, voice of the science magazine “Moebius” on Radio24 and presenter of “Smart City”, a programme on the same network that every day investigates issues relating to sustainability and intelligent technology applied to urban centres. He writes for science journals such as “Newton” and “Equilibri”. Melis is also a musician and writer of science-related theatre.